Ceviche or Escabeche?

Chef Lindsay Allen, July 21, 2015


One of our Sunday Tapas dishes is Ceviche Shrimp “Cocktail”. It’s essentially an Ecuadorian dish with a recipe that includes poaching the shrimp with its shells, celery, tomato and onion, reserving the shrimp, and then blending and straining the liquid (with the shells!) and using it to make the acidic marinade. Ceviche traditionally uses raw seafood that is ‘cooked’ by the acid in the marinade, while escabeche is very similar, but made with pre-poached seafood. So is it an escabeche or a ceviche? I don’t know. I’m calling it a ceviche because that is the way it was originally presented to me. Either way, it tastes incredible.

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